Marilyn Bast Dunlap's style is known as Romantic Realism. She paints exclusively in
acrylics, as this medium allows her to pay meticulous attention to detail.
Her paintings reflect her passion for history and art. She travels extensively
throughout Europe, and as an incurable romantic, translates ordinary streets
and villages into magical images. She invites us to be seduced by her cafes,
bristros, narrow allyways, and aged buildings. In the artist's words: "when I am
painting, I feel as though I am there. I can smell the Fromagerie, taste the
Chocolate and long for a good seat at Cafe Van Gogh. Painting is the next best
thing to being there!"
Marilyn Dunlap has a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Florida with a minor in art. She
has enjoyed painting from a very early age. Her original paintings have been featured in a gallery in
Florida and Raleigh, N.C. She now lives in West Palm Beach, FL.
Be sure to watch for the little black cat in all of her paintings as they wander the streets of France.
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